Who we are

We are a British e-commerce driving license academic institution, registered in London, the Middle East regional office in Istanbul and the North Africa regional office in the Arab Republic of Egypt and our regional office in Asia in the Guangzhou, China.
We have been working in the field of e-commerce services, e-marketing, export and import for 25 years, and we have a long history in the field of entrepreneurship and organizing international conferences and exhibitions.
450 conferences, exhibitions and workshops were organized in 27 Arab and international countries.
We have 37 platforms on the Internet to serve businessmen in many languages ​​to serve all countries.
The e-business club has been established by many reputable partners between the commercial and economic community, for example
British E-commerce Driving License Corporation
The American E-Commerce Club
International Trade Line of Egypt
The Egyptian E-Commerce and Technology Center
China International Trade Line
Turkish Trade line Group
We are honored to join the e-business club to enjoy so many advantages, which you can learn about through the advantages page.