Be an agent for the club

Out of the club’s management’s keenness to provide services among members around the world, a request for agents of the club in all countries of the world has been announced on the basis of franchise standards.

Conditions for obtaining a club agency:

• The applicant for the agency owns a company and a valid commercial record

• Office furnished with decent furniture

• Professional office team

• Has public relations and has a good background in his country

• Able to organize conferences, exhibitions and workshops in his country

• Not to have a history of justice or dishonorable cases.

• Able to transfer member funds every week to our accounts in Turkey and Egypt

• To pay the value of 10 memberships in advance, to be deducted from the membership sums collected in his country

• Able to travel to attend the semi-annual meeting in one of the countries agreed upon.

Whoever finds himself fulfilling the conditions can apply by writing the following form: