Membership benefits

1. The club serves all levels, whether economic, commercial, tourism, real estate, medical or educational.
2. The member will enjoy the services of 37 websites belonging to the incubating company Trade line Group, and you can find these sites on the company's main website,, where the member can market their products and services on these sites for free and at great discounts depending on the service provided.
3. The club will conduct e-marketing of the member’s products or services for a year.
4. The member also gets 100 books in English language
5. The member obtains diplomas in e-commerce, e-marketing, export and import, Drop shipping and affiliate programs in English language.
6. The club will market member’s products and services on its facebook pages and groups, linkedin, twitter which includes almost 2 million fans and followers.  
7. The member enjoys attending exhibitions, conferences and events organized by the club periodically in many countries
8. The member enjoys getting a free domain name and help designing their website.
9. The member receives a monthly report on the work that has been done.
10. Free weekly lectures on e-marketing and e-commerce sponsored by
11. Consulting service and answering your inquiries free of charge through
12. Obtaining an integrated e-marketing system for your company for free
13. Marketing through video via Youtube.
14. Designing marketing banners and logos and creating website graphics provided by our marketing team at the lowest costs.
15. Create a free mini-website through
16. Ensure that your site appears on the first page of Google (SEO) at the lowest costs
17. The possibility of invading the Arab market and middle east with your products and services with ease
18. Making a video about your company and your products or services and broadcasting it on the Global Business Channel
19. Helping to Manage advertising campaigns on Google Adwords
20. Helping to Manage Facebook Ads campaigns
21. Helping to Manage Twitter advertising campaigns
22. Helping to Manage Instagram advertising campaigns
23. Attend special exhibitions in China for free
24. Enjoy joining the E-Business Forum
25. Meetings between club members in all Arab countries in particular
26. Discounts on many hotels, cafes, restaurants and sports clubs
27. Inclusion of the name and company of the member on
28. The member obtains a British e-commerce driving license
29. The member receives free advertising space in The World of International Economics magazine
30. The possibility of investing in mega projects among members