Providing commercial and tourist trips

1828643.png International Trade Line aims, in cooperation with International Trade Line projects, to develop an advanced tourism field capable of taking advantage of all competitive advantages through the qualitative and advanced services it provides.

1828643.png International Trade Line believes that tourism is an important tool and means to bring people together and create mutual understanding and respect between different cultures, and accordingly we work and coordinate with all concerned parties to provide a unique and unique tourism travel experience that cannot be forgotten by our customers.

1828643.png Our services include: • Planning and coordination for each of the events and conferences, with travel companies and various organizations.
• Assisting clients in obtaining Chinese and Turkish visas to make tourist trips with different objectives, commercial, scientific and tourist.
• Coordinating business trips for the most important factories and international commercial markets.
• Receiving businessmen coming to Turkey at Istanbul International Airport.
• In addition to securing businesses and jobs that assist in integrated arrangements to ensure a distinctive experience for visitors.

1828643.png With the integrated services that we provide, it will be easy for you to find the tourist resorts and commercial services that you want, the restaurants you prefer and the accommodations that fit your budget and that you can trust.

1828643.png We always hope to develop the tourism sense and awareness of world culture, heritage, civilization and archaeological resources within the framework of sustainable tourism development.